"Harphugger Horn"

Designed for a loud environment, especially blues bands. Several "do it yourselfers" have modified the standard 4 inch vacuum cleaner attachment into becoming a harmonica holder. The HarpHugger Horn is the evolutionary upshot of that idea.

HarpHugger Horn is designed to slip over a directional microphone which is 1 1/4 inch in diameter. A nylon set-screw quickly attaches it to the microphone. The HarpHugger Horn will fit most 10 hole diatonic blues-style harmonicas. A nylon set screw quickly secures positioning.

Each HarpHugger Horn is cast as a solid piece of plastic before being drilled and milled into shape. Each one is handmade in USA. Since harmonica manufacturers are notoriously inconsistent in harmonica dimensions, a sanding block is included with each purchase in case the shape needs to be enlarged.

A new universe of sound combinations
awaits your discovery!

The "HarpHugger" was created by a musician for other musicians.

"HarpHugger for Stand"

is a new innovative device designed to hold a diatonic harmonica in playing position while leaving hands free to play another instrument.

"HarpHugger for Violin"

is so unique, you just have to try it to appreciate the possibilities. It helps if you are fluent on both harmonica and violin when you try it.

Hello, I'm Michael Kovick, the inventor of "HarpHugger." I wanted to play guitar and blues harp together and to sing without a harmonica in my face. So I designed "HarpHugger" as an alternative to conventional headgear which is worn around the neck.

Since I also enjoy playing the harmonica along with the fiddle, I simply had to create the one-of-a-kind "HarpHugger for Violin."

For many years I've been a member of WINDFALL, and THE COMMONS, both Floyd, Virginia bands. We hope you enjoy the performances in the videos on this page also featuring Bill Adams on lap steel guitar.

Below are examples of three of the models available: one for attachment to a single microphone stand (to accompany guitar, banjo, etc.);
the second one is for attachment to a single mic stand but with an additional microphone holder; the third is for attachment to a violin.


"HarpHugger" Horn


"HarpHugger" for Stand & Second Mic Clip"


"HarpHugger for Violin"

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