A Little Background

For many years I've been a luthier for local private clients. Experience has shown me that a violin will support modest clamping with simple spool clamps. The design of "HarpHugger for Fiddle" utilizes the same clamping approach. It is important that the violin being used is equipped with interior corner blocks where the device clamps on. Most violins have them.

All "HarpHugger" models are the result of a new concept, and should be considered experimental. I urge you to use common sense and care during installation and use.

Obviously the violin was not designed with the idea that a harmonica holder would be clamped to it. Same thing for a microphone stand. Therefore, there is no real way to know the effects of long term use. I can testify that I've seen no damage to my violin caused by my "HarpHugger" in more than a year's use.

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